About us

SoEzzy Web Designs

A small website, programming and graphic design company working in the outskirts of Salt Lake City, Utah.

We are large enough to cater for all small to medium sized company web needs.

But still small enough, to take pride and care in communicating with you to discover your requirements.

Question;  What if I already have an existing site?

Answer – With your ideas and our knowledge we can create an entirely new look and feel for your existing website.

A new logo design or corporate identity scheme.

We enable our clients to communicate more effectively with their customers, through both the visual medium of the website, and the more instinctive mental medium of fresh branding.

Give your company the sharper edge needed to cut through the competition!

At SoEzzy Web Designs we can provide you with all the graphic, web design and web development services you are ever likely to need.

Whether it is with your first website, a small redesign, a few extra pages or large e-commerce site, let us build you a website that projects the right image for your business, all at an affordable price.

If you require a program, to connect a machine to a computer, or a computer to a machine, or run and process Order and project information, we are here at your service!

If you would like to download our Quoting Questionnaire, Click this link, LINK, if you read through the pages, think about the questions and your answers to them, write your answers to each question in the space available, copy your answers and their numbers into your contact email on our contact page, this will enable us to quote you on your website desires!

Here are the five Aspects of Web Design we follow: –

Concept – After conferring with you or your staff, SoEzzy Web Designs will begin to devise a detailed work outline and timeline.

This detailed outline is the best course of action in developing your website or project.

The next step is drafting a proposal for the site, that suits the needs of the clients, and fulfills their want list!

Development – This phase is the actual site construction, where our designers and programmers work closely together, to assure that the design is on target and meets the clients needs.

Testing – The most important phase of all.

SoEzzy Web Designs put a great amount of time and effort into this stage.

We examine everything from the pages, links, and functionality to ensure your site functions properly on all the major browsers and operating systems.

Launch – Site launching completes the development and testing phase, but does not end the development process.

The Internet is constantly changing and websites must accommodate those changes.

Maintain – We put the same amount of effort in maintenance and expansion as we did with the initial design.

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